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Terms of use and personal data

We process the following personal data:




1) All customers of the store (hereafter members) have the right to participate in store’s privileges program

2) The membership card is strictly personal and cannot be transferred or assigned by the Member to any third person

3) The person(s) responsible for the processing of personal data are the legal employees of the company “KATERINIGAS”

4) Members are informed about offers that are given by collecting points in the store within the store or by publication in electronic media. The store has the right to withdraw or vary the terms and conditions of the points program without prior notification to its members.

5) The validation of the Member is done by receiving the permanent numbered card and by signing this.

6) Members are entitled to redeem their GIFT only if they have completed the necessary points

7) As the processing of the member’s data is necessary for the execution of the contract, by completing and signing the written application for registration in the points program, the customer automatically provides his consent in accordance with Law 2472/97 and Community Law E .E. 2016/679 (27/4/2016) for the use and processing of personal data concerning him, exclusively for the purpose of the Points Program and does not transmit the personal data to third parties except for the purposes described in article 9.

8) At any time, Members have the right to access their personal data and information, to object to the further processing of their data, to delete their data, as well as to the portability of their data based on article 16,17 of the Community Law. 2016/679 on protection of personal data. The relevant request is made by sending an email from the email stated by the member to company’s email

9) Members’ personal data is kept by the company for as long as the member uses the membership card. If the member does not make transactions for more than 12 months, then the personal data is deleted, while thereafter the data of his transactions remain anonymous for statistical reasons

10) Members’ personal data is stored in a secure database controlled by the company and located at its headquarters or on a server within Europe & possibly (if you accept to receive sms) be transmitted to an sms sending company located in Greece which guarantees confidentiality & security of your personal data

11) How you can submit a complaint/complaint regarding the management of your personal data

  • For any issue regarding the processing of your data, you can contact the data controller
  • Also, you always retain the right to address the Personal Data Protection Authority, which can also accept the submission of relevant complaints either in written form in its protocol (Kifisias 1-3, P.O. 115 23, Athens) or electronically (

I agree to receive informational sms for the purposes of points program

I agree to receive informational emails for the purposes of points program

MEMBER CLUB Program Terms

Each card is and remains at the property of KATERINIGAS and the owner is obliged to return it at its first request. The card will henceforth be called MEMBER CLUB.

The owner will not transfer its use to another, unless the card has been issued to the building manager, in which case the outgoing manager is obliged to immediately hand it over to the next one with the obligation to immediately inform KATERINIGAS of the details of the new owner.
The owner will keep it and keep it in good condition.

This card can be used at KATERINIGAS gas stations or at the offices of the company itself.

The owner must immediately notify KATERINIGAS in writing of any change of address he stated, otherwise KATERINIGAS will not be responsible in case of loss of correspondence and/or interruption of communication.

This program will not apply if the customer is prohibited or restricted by Law, KATERINIGAS is entitled to unilaterally terminate this contract and cancel the card if the holder violates any of the terms hereof, all of which are agreed to be material, or if there is another important reason. In any case of termination and cancellation of the card, the owner is obliged to stop using it immediately and return it to the company. KATERINIGAS has the right to unilaterally modify this contract only for an important reason.

The cardholder must check, after each transaction, the accuracy and correctness of the details of the receipt received from the employee. KATERINIGAS has no obligation or responsibility towards the owner for any non-fulfilment or non-accurate fulfillment of the obligations of the companies or stores cooperating in the Program, as well as for any contractual or non-contractual (damage) thereof.

The holder must immediately notify the card’s Member Services in writing, in case the card is stolen, damaged, or lost, or in the event that its use becomes illegal or irregular, being responsible (the holder) for any kind of damage that he wanted arise until notification on his part. Points that the owner has accumulated up to that moment are automatically transferred to his new card. He must then deliver the cut card to any KATERINIGAS service station or to its offices.

KATERINIGAS reserves the right to inform the customer by other means of the total number of points corresponding to him. The customer will be able to cumulatively calculate the total of his points through the relevant receipts that will be issued by the electronic machine.

KATERINIGAS will renew the list of gifts at specific time intervals, for which it will inform its customers in a timely manner.

When the customer redeems the points corresponding to a gift, then the points corresponding to that gift will be deducted. The cardholder must keep the special receipts that will be issued for each use of his card.

In the event that the ONLINE connection cannot be made, then the acquisition of the points will be done by using coupons that will be available at gas stations and on which the gas station owner will fill in the details of the transaction. Cardholder will receive a copy of this voucher. However, for the transaction to be considered valid, the owner should, at the first opportunity, deliver it to the same gas station where the specific transaction took place, in order to process (his transaction) electronically.

By sufficiently completing the MEMBER CLUB application and delivering it to the gas station, the customer will immediately receive the MEMBER CLUB card. Cardholder will immediately be able to use their card only to collect points. Cardholder will be able to redeem his points as long as his Personal Data has been entered electronically, as they appear in the MEMBER CLUB application he has completed.

The acquisition of points will be recorded electronically, on a special machine, which is located inside the gas station. KATERINIGAS reserves the discretion to /add/ and remove products or services participating in the points subsidy program through KATERINIGAS stations or other partner businesses.

Gifts will be entitled will be communicated to cardholders through a special catalog, which they will receive together with his card.

In case points have been acquired in a way that is not in accordance with the above procedure, KATERINIGAS reserves the right to reject them without any further warning.

Gifts can only be obtained by completing the number of points predetermined by KATERINIGAS and announced in the valid gift list.
Gift delivery procedures are defined each time by KATERINIGAS, and are announced to the customer through the special gift catalog and during their transaction at the gas station. In case of delivery of a gift through an order at the gas station, the customer must observe the delivery intervals defined by the transaction receipt. To receive the gift, the customer must show any necessary personal identification requested by the gas station owner.

Gifts that are in good condition and in accordance with their description in the special gift list and as long as they have been ordered by the beneficiary, will under no circumstances be subsequently returned or not accepted.

Gifts corresponding to certain points levels cannot be exchanged for others different point value. Cardholder cannot purchase points using cash or any other means of transaction. Gifts corresponding to specific points levels are also not redeemable in any other way not previously announced by KATERINIGAS. In the event that one of the gifts does not exist, then KATERINIGAS undertakes to replace the gift with another of equal value. Gifts from a catalog cannot be exchanged for gifts from a previous catalog, unless KATERINIGAS has foreseen and announced something to that effect.

Also, the cardholder agrees and accepts that A) KATERINIGAS will keep on file and process his Personal Data, in order to support, promote and execute the business relationship between them, as well as for more general marketing purposes. B) KATERINIGAS is hereby authorized, by the cardholder, to transmit his Personal Data to cooperating companies of the group in countries inside or outside the EU (as long as this is required for reasons of operational and computerized service of the transactional relationship C) Also, the cardholder hereby authorizes KATERINIGAS to disclose his Personal Data, including transaction data, to third parties, legal or natural persons with whom KATERINIGAS cooperates for the processing of data, mail, sending gifts and in general, the achievement of the transactional relationship. KATERINIGAS is in this case responsible for the commitment of its partners in relation to the protection of the Personal Data required by law.

The owner of the MEMBER CLUB card is responsible for keeping it in good condition. In the event that the card is lost or damaged more than 3 times, then the holder will incur a loss of 100 points for each new card they request to be issued, up to the ninth time, at which point the customer can no longer reissue their card.
The card holder can be anyone over the age of 18.

KATERINIGAS reserves the right to cancel MEMBER CLUB cards which are inactive for more than one year.
KATERINIGAS reserves the right to delete points corresponding to MEMBER CLUB cards that have not been redeemed in the last 12 months.
Cardholder will not be entitled to redeem his points for the acquisition of gifts for as long as he maintains overdue and demandable debts to KATERINIGAS.